Camp Wabun is a long-standing partner program of Red Canoe Foundation. Each year, we will identify additional grantee programs that share the mission and values of our organization.


Camp Wabun

Camp Wabun is a Red Canoe Foundation partner program that provides young people with the opportunity to travel in uncomplicated ways in undisturbed wilderness territories. Campers develop confidence born of competence as they become proficient in canoe-tripping skills, enjoy a wonderful growth in maturity and responsibility, and have great fun with other campers and staff. The young adults who leave home in June return in August more mature, physically stronger, self-assured, and with new friends and confidence that will serve them well through a lifetime of challenges.

2023 RCF Scholarship Application

Chicago Voyagers

Chicago Voyagers (CV) is a Red Canoe Foundation grantee program that provides wilderness and adventure programs that foster healthy relationships and responsible behavior for at-risk teens in the Chicago area. They partner with youth agencies which identify and recruit participants, many of whom have been impacted by poverty and trauma. The outdoors provides a perfect setting where teens are encouraged to explore, challenge themselves, and have fun while also working on effective communication, leadership and other positive behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. Program participants have demonstrated a decrease in disciplinary actions, and increases in self-confidence and average GPA (grade point average). Red Canoe Foundation specifically supports CV’s wilderness-based expeditions.

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