Archived Communications

Gail’s Winter Solstice Give the Gift of Choice – 12-21-21

Exploration Awaits! by Ben Simmons – 12-14-21

Voices by Katie Stauffer – 12-7-21

How to Use Amazon Smile by Gail Coleman – 12-01-21

‘Tis the Season for Red Canoe – 11-30-21

Thanksgiving and The Mom’s Journey by Susannah Ross and Phoebe Knowles – 11-23-21

Slowing Down by Katherine Finnegan – 11-16-21

A Breath of Fresh Air by Jason Lewis – 11-10-21

Launching the Paddling Together Appeal – 11-4-21

FY 21 Annual Report – 9-29-21

Paddling Together into a new year. A welcome from our new Board Chair Phoebe Knowles – 9-7-21

River Order – Baton Transfer by Maddy Vertenten – 7-14-21

Executive Director’s End of Year Report – 7-2-21


Reflections III by Lucy Watson, Angie Forbes & Avalon Hinchman 6-21-22

Thoughts on Letter Writing by Phoebe Knowles 6-7-22

Memories of Summers Past by Hardin Coleman 5-23-22

Reflections II by Rachel Hatheway 5-10-22

Poem by Maddy Vertenten 4-11-22

Introducing our Reflections Series Josephine Moore & Elise Pope 3-28-22

Life Lessons by Katie Stauffer 2-15-22

No Mirrors in the Woods by Max Greenwood 1-25-22

Half-way There by Josephine Moore 1-18-22

Wilderness Gift by Josephine Moore  12-27-21

Thank you by Gail Coleman 7-1-22

Paddling Update by Gail Coleman 6-17-22

Gail’s Camp Opens in 25 Days Email 5-31-22

Ripples to Waves by Gail Coleman 4-25-22

Exciting News by Gail Coleman – 3-7-22

The Wilderness Effect by Gail Coleman – 1-31-22

Happy New Year Resolutely by Ben Simmons – 1-10-22

All is Calm by Jason Lewis – 1-4-22

End of Year Appeal by Phoebe Knowles – 12-30-21

Last Minute Gift Idea by Gail Coleman – 12-24-21

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