Annual Appeal Updates

Each year, Red Canoe Foundation runs an annual appeal for donations through which we provide scholarships for wilderness opportunities for youth. These campaigns run over our fiscal year, from July – June.

We are proud to report a successful completion of our 2020/21 annual appeal under the theme “Headwinds.” Click on the link to the left to view a copy of our Headwinds kick off letter.

In 2020, we set a lofty goal to raise $100,000 through our annual Headwinds Appeal which ended June 30, 2021. Thanks to our generous Red Canoe family of donors, we surpassed that goal!

During the Headwinds Appeal we:

* reached 103% of our fundraising goal ($103,848);
* welcomed 82 first-time donors to the Red Canoe Foundation family; and,
* received donations from 196 separate donor households!

You can also help provide transformative wilderness experiences to more youth! While our annual appeal may have officially ended, Red Canoe Foundation always welcomes donations, and we seek more ways to add to our Red Canoe Family of donors.

Why Support Red Canoe Foundation

Children and teens today face many obstacles. Some encounter daily challenges in their homes; some experience exclusion or isolation; some feel stuck in an urban environment. The past 18 months have challenged all of us in many ways and we may not yet know the full extent that young people have been impacted. Yet, research is already showing that time spent outdoors can mitigate some of the stress of the pandemic which makes Red Canoe Foundation’s mission even more timely.

Youth need a way to engage their abilities and spirit during these early, impressionable years. Wilderness expeditions have the power to transform. Red Canoe Foundation has the experience to identify and cultivate relationships with the very best wilderness expedition programs.

Please give as generously as you can.

Red Canoe Foundation connects young people with opportunities:

  • to become capable, self-confident, self-aware, and wise;
  • to learn the value of collaboration and leadership, and;
  • to develop a deep connection to nature.

Ways To Donate

You may donate either on-line or by sending a check to:
Gail E. K. Coleman
Red Canoe Foundation
Executive Director
96 Bay State Road, Apt. 9
Boston, MA  02215

Help us connect young people to the wilderness.
Invest in the future with us.
Red Canoe Foundation can make the difference.

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