FY 21 Annual Appeal Update

It feels as though the winds are starting to shift from a headwind to a tailwind thanks to you, our loyal and generous donors! The Annual Report reflects the shift. Don’t miss:

  • Two camper fundraiser stories.
  • The Wanna B’s who refused to spend a summer without canoeing.
  • Your name and your friends’ names on the donor honor roll!
  • RCF’s financial summary.
  • Letters from Phoebe Knowles and Gail Coleman.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We’re excited to be Paddling Together into a new year!

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Children and teens today face many obstacles. Some encounter daily challenges in their homes; some experience exclusion or isolation; some feel stuck in an urban environment. The past 18 months have challenged all of us in many ways and we may not yet know the full extent that young people have been impacted. Yet, research is already showing that time spent outdoors can mitigate some of the stress of the pandemic which makes Red Canoe Foundation’s mission even more timely.Youth need a way to engage their abilities and spirit during these early, impressionable years. Wilderness expeditions have the power to transform. Red Canoe Foundation has the experience to identify and cultivate relationships with the very best wilderness expedition programs.

Please give as generously as you can to the FY22 Annual Appeal.

Ways to Donate

You may donate either on-line or by sending a check to:
Gail E. K. Coleman
Red Canoe Foundation
Executive Director
96 Bay State Road, Apt. 9
Boston, MA  02215

Help us connect young people to the wilderness.
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