Email News from our Executive Director

Red Canoe Foundation is dedicated to providing youth access to transformative wilderness experiences; we must fundraise to do that and some of our emails and social media postings are focused on that. If you make a donation to the Paddling Together appeal, you will only receive the story emails.

But RCF is also about building relationships with people who value time spent in the outdoors. This year, some of our communications will be focused on (re)connecting with you through storytelling and sharing memories. You may be inspired to make a donation (and there will always be a bright red “Donate” button for your convenience!) but we also hope that you will be inspired to reach out to a section mate or former staff and start the “Do you remember…?” conversation. Or approach the family of a potential camper and share the impact that wilderness camping has had on your life.

Gail EK Coleman, Executive Director


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