Red Canoe Foundation is dedicated to providing youth access to transformative wilderness experiences.
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Who We Are

The teen years are a time of awakening, when exploration is natural and the driving impulse is to discover answers to questions such as: Who am I? Of what am I capable? What lies beyond?

Red Canoe Foundation believes that exceptional wilderness expeditions can provide youth the opportunity to explore these questions, and to benefit from the rewards of hard work, peer fellowship, and incredible beauty, that come from leaving the distractions of technology behind and empowering a young person’s inner resources.

Founded as a U.S. 501(C) 3 organization by people devoted to Camp Wabun based on Lake Temagami, Ontario, Red Canoe Foundation’s mission is to provide greater access to such wilderness opportunities through scholarships.

We Believe

In the inherent virtue and value that is derived from time spent in the wilderness

In the self-discovery and individual growth that occurs through travel in the wilderness

In the goal of cultivating respect and stewardship for the world we share

Red Canoe
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